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TaxAudit is the largest tax representation company in the United States and the long-time career choice for many Tax Professionals.

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What to Expect as a TaxAudit Tax Professional 

TaxAudit Tax Professionals get to make a difference in the lives of people everyday. We have high employee satisfaction - not only because of our commitment to learning - but because our team members feel valued by the company and by their clients. Read through some of TaxAudit’s cases and how our tax professionals make a difference. 

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Full-time and Year-round Work Available 

One of the many benefits of being a tax professional at TaxAudit is that you will have full-time and yearround work in the field you love.

Challenging Work 

Everyday, the majority of our tax professionals work on audit representation or tax debt relief cases. Every case is different and presents its own rewards and challenges. With over 140 tax professionals on staff and a combined 1,700 years of tax experience, our tax professionals are able to conquer even the most challenging cases as a team.

To assist with the challenges of these cases, TaxAudit's Learning and Development team provides our tax professionals with support by researching complex tax issues and helping find the answers to their questions. Together, we are able to conquer even the most challenging cases as a team.

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Tax Professional Jobs FAQs

Do you have Tax Preparer Jobs?

Most Tax Professionals start out in the tax field by learning to be tax return preparers. The ins and outs of tax preparation takes years of training and education to master. TaxAudit does not prepare tax returns and does not have typical tax preparer jobs - but if you have tax preparer experience, you may be a perfect fit for our team. 

Everyday, TaxAudit Tax Professionals make a difference in the lives of our customers by representing and defending them from the IRS and state taxing authorities. We know that a lot of tax preparers do not have experience with audits or debt relief representation, but with your current knowledge from preparing tax returns, you should have the building blocks to start learning from our team how to be a competent tax professional in all areas of the tax field.

I have Experience as a Tax Accountant. Do you offer Tax Accountant Jobs? 

Many of our Tax Professionals have past experience as a Tax Accountant. The skills you learned over time from being a Tax Accountant directly helps our team members be confident tax representatives for our clients. 

Although we do don’t directly have a job titled "Tax Accountant," if you have Tax Accountant job experience, there are many positions at TaxAudit that may be a good fit for you. We have Tax Professionals that represents clients during an audit. We have Learning and Development team members who work to develop IRS-approved CE course material and research gray areas of the tax code to get our clients the best answer available. We also have Tax Professionals who are tax debt relief specialists as well as many other tax-related positions. 

Can a Tax Attorney have a Career at TaxAudit? 

Yes, TaxAudit has hired several Tax Attorneys as part of our team. Tax Attorneys are an integral part of our tax representation service. Job opportunities for Tax Attorneys include audit and tax debt representation, complex tax content research, and CE course development. 

I'm interested in doing Tax Research. Does TaxAudit have any Tax Research Jobs? 

Yes, TaxAudit has a department called Learning and Development. One of their functions is to do tax research on complicated tax issues. Typically the career path for having a tax research job at TaxAudit is to first become a TaxAudit Tax Professional and then internally apply for a research position when one becomes available.

Have Questions about our Tax Job Positions? 

Email or call our Human Resources department. We would be happy to speak to you and answer any questions you may have about joining our team.