Engaging Culture

We are continually working to build a great company culture where team members love where they work and know they are making a difference

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Love Where You Work 

We believe work can be interesting, rewarding, and inspiring. It's a place where we can learn, grow, and be challenged, with the goal of making a difference in people's lives every day.

Two team members helping each other with a case

Commitment to Helping People 

At TaxAudit, our priority is to help our members reach the best possible outcomes for their tax situations – and we can only do that by hiring the best people.

Commitment to a Positive Work Environment 

We want our team members to be happy and comfortable. We make it our mission to cultivate an environment of positive energy, open communication, and fun.

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Two team members getting
feedback on a case

Commitment to Respect All Team Members 

We value feedback and invite all of our team members to share their ideas about how to improve our company, and we reward team members for their innovation and creative thinking. Every single team member has talent and unique qualities which we strive to draw out.

Commitment to Give Back 

We encourage our team members to make a difference by getting involved in their local communities. TaxAudit provides opportunities to serve through our Engage Volunteer Program.

Volunteers picking up trash

Our Core Values 

These core values are the fundamental beliefs that guide our actions and decisions.

  • We Care for PeopleWe care for people.

  • We have a positive attitudeWe have a positive attitude.

  • We are dedicated to the teamWe are dedicated to the team.

Make a Difference 

Working at TaxAudit gives you the opportunity to make a difference. Every day, we help people through one of life's most intense emotional nightmares: facing a tax audit. Our members rely on us for our expertise, our amazing value, and for the peace of mind they feel knowing we have their back.

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